domingo, 12 de fevereiro de 2017


It may seem difficult but the truth is that this is the easiest part of making money from the blog!

While creating content is hard work and is needed to get hits and increase your number of views and reach, getting advertisers is easy through Affiliate Programs.

Just search online for Affiliate Programs, companies will send you a code to put on your blog, and from there, the pay you can get is from the clicks you get on those ads!

If you're still starting, start with the largest and most comprehensive affiliate program, Google AdSense.

You only need to create an AdSense account and set up your ads, then just place the code you get in the areas of your blog where you want to place your ads. Whenever someone clicks on these ads, they get a certain amount of that same click.

In the case of Google, the amount is accumulated and paid as soon as it reaches a certain amount, being transferred to your personal account, without any kind of complication.