segunda-feira, 10 de abril de 2017

We make it simple to buy into the businesses you believe in and share in their success.

Our Mission

We let all types of investors invest in businesses they believe in and share in their success. We let all types of growth-focused businesses raise capital and business community in the process.We do all of this through a simple, highly professional, online process that protects and empowers investors while helping businesses grow and generate returns.We are equity crowdfunding done properly.

terça-feira, 14 de março de 2017

We do the hard work behind the scenes, you get the profits
The amount of money each user earns varies between the user's membership, the type and quantity of advertisements the user has viewed, the number of referrals the user has and the number of advertisements those referrals view.
Earnings calculator

 membership with 
 referrals having an average of 
$160.30 per day    $4809.00 per month    $58509.50 per year

domingo, 19 de fevereiro de 2017

Five Tips to Increase Traffic to Your Blog

1. Include your blog’s URL in your image’s alt text.
Pinterest has the potential to be a traffic powerhouse, especially if you understand the nuances of how it works. When an image is pinned from your site Pinterest will use the image’s alt text to populate the pin’s description. If you include your blog’s URL in the image’s alt text and someone pins that image, then your URL will be clickable when the image shows up in someone’s feed on Pinterest. Check out this post on Food Blogger Pro for a step-by-step tutorial.
2. Optimize your image file names
Are you properly naming your images? Many bloggers don’t change the file name on their images, so their images have file names like DSC_10293.jpg or IMG_3935.jpg. Take 15 seconds before you upload your photo and change the file name to reflect the subject of the image. If the DSC_10293 image is actually a picture of Downtown Minneapolis then change the file name to Downtown-Minneapolis.jpg. This will help communicate information about the image to search engines and give your blog a little SEO boost.